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Project Cycle Management

Delivered by an expert in his field, Ronan White's Project Cycle Management course will help you understand the principles and stages of Project Cycle Management and Results Focused Planning. It will help you the learner understand planning for managing the project cycle, be aware of the planning tools available, and help to increase overall confidence in the implementing of the project cycle in your work.

Participants will be able to:
• Use a results focused approach to planning interventions
• Use participatory techniques with local communities
• Work with local communities to identify needs within the community
• Plan with local communities and stakeholders in a collaborative manner
• Plan sustainable, viable projects that respond to needs identified by local communities
• Monitor the implementation and outcomes of projects
• Organise an evaluation of the merits of the project

This course is divided into four sections. Each section contains at least two recorded sessions which are between 30-40 minutes long. The total amount of time required to complete this course is 6-10 hours depending on your level of engagement with the material.

Please watch the introduction video below. This video will show you in a step by step guide on how best to navigate your course. It also provides you with information on how best to take part in discussion forums and how to contact our helpdesk. Email:

  • Section 1
  • 1. Introduction to the Project Cycle (With CC)
  • 2. What is Project Cycle Management (With CC)
  • Discussion Forum: Project Management Approach
  • Section 2
  • 3. Identification of the Problem (With CC)
  • 4. Analysis of Organisation and Culture (With CC)
  • Section 3
  • 5. Stakeholder Analysis (With CC)
  • Discussion Forum: Stakeholder Analysis
  • 6. Problem Analysis (With CC)
  • Section 4
  • 7. Setting & Analysing Objectives (With CC)
  • 8. Determine the Intervention Logic (With CC)
  • Discussion Forum: Determine the Intervention Logic
  • 9. Risk Analysis (With CC)
  • Discussion Forum: Risk Analysis
  • Additional Resources
  • Online Tools; Results & Logframe
  • Final Section
  • Evaluation Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever